Work Packages

Work package 1


WP1: Management and dissemination


WP leader: Jan Valentin (CTU Prague; Czech Republic)


WP objectives:

  • ·         Overall project management.
  • ·         Organization and coordination of international workshop on bitumen asphalt correlations.
  • ·         Dissemination via project poster, project flyer and papers presented in journals and conferences (national and international).



Work package 2


WP1: Data gathering


WP leader: Stefan Vansteenkiste  (BRRC; Belgium)


WP objectives:

The first goal is to clearly identify what relevant information is needed to establish relationships between binder properties and/or corresponding test methods and mixture or pavement performance in the field. Having identified these data, an appropriate acquisition template will be established enabling the gathering of latter information in WP3 and, therefore, facilitate its further processing into a single database. The availability of such database will serve as a tool to select data accordingly to a specific topic (e.g. test method, binder property, etc.) to be reviewed in WP4.


  • ·         Selection of data needed, specification of data acquisition format (similar to BitVal project).
  • ·         Management of (online) database of all literature sources gathered.




Work package 3


WP1: Data collection


WP leader: Konrad Mollenhauer  (University of Kassel; Germany)


WP objectives:

WP3 aims at collect available data on performance-based bitumen characteristics in combination with asphalt properties in order to allow the correlation between these properties. Besides the actual bitumen performance-based characteristics, the various available data sources will be assessed according to test methods and test parameters applied (bitumen and asphalt tests), binder type and asphalt mix design properties (mixture type, aggregate grading, binder content, void content, additives, compaction procedures). For each data source, available test values will be implemented to the database which will allow the combined correlation analysis for similar data sets (e.g. all bitumen-asphalt test combinations for SMA mixtures at a given air voids content).

In WP3, the required data will be collected from all partners according to the format requirements defined in WP2.

Implement as many as possible high accurate research data on correlations between bitumen and asphalt performance properties with considering asphalt mix design data, binder type and test procedures and parameters.

WP 3 work is divided in three tasks according the type of data assessed.


  • ·         National data acquisition.
  • ·         International publications.
  • ·         Industrial data.





Work package 4


WP1: Data evaluation


WP leader: Cliff Nicholls  (TRL; UK)


WP objectives:

Having identified the relevant information available in the literature, combine and sort that information on each of the major aspects of asphalt performance.  The relationship between the bitumen and asphalt properties will be reviewed in terms of the extent to which the bitumen affects the asphalt, in particularly its durability and service life, with due consideration for the reliability of the test methods and presence of other factors (in particular the aggregate) on the asphalt properties.

The work will be split into the following five tasks, including a task for each of the main asphalt properties.


Task 4.1, Permanent deformation (rutting)

Lead partners: LNEC, TUV


Task 4.2, Stiffness

Lead partners: TRL, CTU


Task 4.3, Low temperature cracking

Lead partners: UoK, ZAG


Task 4.4, Fatigue cracking

Lead partners: CTU, EPFL


Task 4.5, Binder/aggregate interaction

Lead partners: BRRC, Nynas



Work package 5


WP1: Proposal of specification requirements


WP leader: Nicolas Bueche  (EPFL; Switzerland)


WP objectives:

Based on the observed relations between bitumen characteristics and obtained performances, some specification requirements will be drawn. These specification requirements do not aim at being normative but would rather propose some limit values can considered for choice on binders during asphalt mix design. The proposed specification will also take into account the expected solicitations (climate, traffic) and, thus, consider various specification levels.


The WP is divided into five tasks, corresponding to the main asphalt properties analysed. These tasks will also address the influence of binder ageing on those properties.


Task 5.1 Permanent deformation (rutting):

Task 5.2 Stiffness

Task 5.3 Low temperature cracking

Task 5.4 Fatigue cracking

Task 5.5 Binder/aggregate interaction


Provide the overall link with the relevant CEN committees and to Eurobitume through Egbert Beuving (EAPA Secretary General) for all properties